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Hands Free, HD, POV Video

Video Specs are ordinary looking eye-wear containing a video and audio recording device.  


Video Specs allow the wearer to record a unique insight; capturing their thoughts as they say them and what they are looking at as they see it. There are no special skills required in using Video Specs, no intermediary, no camera shyness or performance. Rather than being on camera or interviewed, participants are active in the process, while remaining anonymous, allowing them to give an honest account of their thoughts.

Creative City  has selected a chosen manufacturer and sells Video Specs on demand.
We have also developed a range of exciting and diverse services based on members of an audience wearing the Specs at an event or during training/ workshops. The technology/ method is ideal  to engage people whose opinion might not otherwise be recorded or heard. We have undertaken a number of projects with clients such as: Lend Lease, Soundings Architecture, Art Against Knives, Red Gallery, Birmingham Hippodrome, Friends of Arnold Circus, Institute for Learning and Coventry University.

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BROWSE & SpecAudience
BROWSE Video Specs is a method of engagement which involves the audience / participants wearing the Specs and giving their insights and voicing an opinions on a topic. The method has proved particularly successful with young people who feel at ease with the technology and are keen for their ideas to be heard.

We have been undertaking a project in Hackney called ‘BROWSE East’ that collates a collective narrative of Shoreditch, East London. BROWSE East asks residents to comment on their local surroundings, narrate personal stories, share the local history or myths relating to this area; voice an opinion on a topic, what gives the place its character, what they would like to see changing or what they feel is enhancing or threatening the community.

Read more here, and watch the project videos to date


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