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The Newspaper House

© Sumer Erek

The Newspaper House

The Newspaper House is an art installation and a participatory project by Sumer Erek.

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Video Specs

New Specs_2

Hands Free, HD, POV Video

Video Specs are ordinary looking eye-wear containing a video and audio recording device.  

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Railing design

Haggerston & Kingsland West

Working with artists and professionals to help future residents of Haggerston & Kingsland West take ownership by designing their own landscape.

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Other Projects


Metal gate for Haggerston

Part of the same project is a collaboration between residents and blacksmith Orlando Richards in Haggerston to create handmade designs to feature on the gates of the new housing development.

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Creative City Blog

2015-06-18 13.26.14

Bobbie Fenwick carving process

We were invited into Bobbie Fenwick’s studio to preview her work on the final monolith. This is a work in progress snippet on her exciting project.

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Urban and outdoors

Fragment of Paradise ideal location

A Fragment of Paradise

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a garden in the city where one could forget all stress and worries? Imagine … ‘A Fragment of Paradise’ is a concept for a public garden, created by…

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